Motivational Monday…I’m back!

Here is what I am pondering today:

People will let you down.  People will tell you things and never follow through.  People will anger you.  People will disappoint you.  People will be human.  That’s right.  Human.  It hurts.  I know, but learn to love them anyway.  Because maybe, just maybe, you’ve let someone down.  You’ve told somebody something and didn’t quite get around to doing what you said.  You’ve angered someone.  You’ve disappointed someone.  I know, its shocking, but at some point in your life, you have done those things because you aren’t perfect either.

So when it happens to you, take three deep calming breaths.  Pull yourself back from whatever emotion is running through your body and focus on something nice that person has done lately (I know you can find something if you try).  Move beyond the emotion that threatened to overpower reason.  Pull back just a little and look at the whole picture.  Maybe they didn’t tell you their husband just lost his job…so they appear angry at you, but that’s because you were there at the time.  Maybe they ask you a question, and no matter what is asked, you feel like it’s a personal attack.  Why?  Is it because you feel competitive around them or are you usually thinking something negative about them already?

Life is hard…but it’s harder when we constantly look for the bad.  When we suspect enemies are hiding behind every face.  What if, just for a moment, we embraced the human side of our acquaintances and only held ourselves accountable for our emotions and reactions.  Hmmm.  It’s really hard to do.  I know it is, because it’s something I am constantly working on.



4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday…I’m back!

  1. HI, Aimee..
    Ya, you are right. People will say something or other. We can’t stop them. So, we have to understand our own importance only. It’s difficult to hold ourselves responsible for our emotions. I am glad you are working on it.
    Thanks for this motivational post. Lots of love…


  2. Amiee, I love this… Just found you by accident. But we are trying to teach our kids at this moment, that we can only control ourselves. Not what others may do. So if you are kind and brave you are doing your job. For those that talk ugly or harm us, we must pray for God to change their hearts. So this really brought that point home!


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