Three Days Can Change Your Life – Reflections on Limelite 2015

Thank you for this:) A wonderful perspective on…oh yeah, Vitalize You:)

Lorwynd's Thoughts

Three days can change your life.

Yes, yes, I realize that tragedies are often much shorter than that and that it only takes a minute or so on lottery night to see those winning numbers drawn, but there’s often not much we can do to prevent tragedies since we don’t usually see them coming, and the odds of winning the lottery are somewhere north of 100 million to one.
But, three days can change your life.
It started with the excitement and nervous energy building up on the trip to Limelite 2015, this year’s annual It Works! conference.  The lines for registration/check-in, swag bags, and to shop the It Works! Stores were long and tiring, but my wife and I made some new friends during those waits.
The first event was the conference kickoff where the company leaders get everyone pumped up for what’s to come over the next couple…

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