Autoimmune help on Christmas Eve.

Hi friends.  It’s been one year since I gave up processed foods, sugar, flour and any word on an ingredient list I couldn’t pronounce or immediately recognize.  I have good days and bad days just like anyone else.  It’s been almost 2 years since I started figuring out what triggers my “flare ups” and mood swings.  I still don’t have it down to a science the way I want to.  For example, yesterday my children and I made a gluten-free eggnog cake.  Sounds delicious huh?  It was.  I have everything on Pinterest🙂  Anyway, after eating it and drinking my tea, I began to feel weird.  I got a bad headache and my throat started hurting…signs there was something that was triggering an autoimmune reaction.  Later, bloating.  When I woke up today, red eyes that were sticky.  If you have been following me for a while, you might recall when I started putting all this together.

I was doing research on neurotransmitters and the brain…but more specifically how food triggers reactions in the stomach to the brain thus causing depression and/or mood swings that come out of no where.  Anyway, that was last year and you can find it by searching for “New Year, New Brain?” over there on the side search thing a ma jig.  I can’t stop researching.  I probably can…but I haven’t yet.  So a friend suggested a while back that I get a light box to help with my moods during the winter as it’s harder on me.  Fibromyalgia flares up in the cold, there are people making things I can’t eat, and after 38 years of basically eating whatever anyone put in front of me, including sushi, it’s difficult for someone who loves food to be able to cope with what my body is doing to me.  It doesn’t help that every single time we go out, no matter how hard my dad tries, he passes me the bread when we get it and I say no thank you and he keeps saying “I’m so sorry.  I forgot.”

So I came across this interesting talk, and I wanted to put it out there as a reminder that there really are things we can still control without pharmaceuticals.  I know that I am the rare person trying to reverse this without “drugs”, but more and more people are thinking about this I hope.  So here it is, Brain Chemistry Life-hacks:

My husband was just shaking his head at me as I listened to this “guy”, you know a clinical neuroscientist, because he tells me to move more.  I know exercise is important.  I do.  I get it.  That’s why I go to yoga, but I don’t go enough.  So I need to change that.  I need to go at least 3 times a week.  It can be 2 yoga days and 1 walking day, but it does matter.  I have GOT to do better…at something I used to like doing.  The mind is very powerful and we have to learn how to control it as I believe it’s the key to helping people like me fight off the diseases.  Once my body is brought back into fully functioning mode, I have to take care of it better.  So if you are like me, you have autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia or anything that causes flares/pain, pay attention to what you are doing.  Eating.  Putting into your body.  Stay away, far far away, from sugar.  Do not feel bad you are not putting “cocaine” as Steve Ilardi calls it into your body…he gets to that at around 8 minutes in.  Listen carefully (as a side note, I use only coconut palm sugar or pure maple now as it breaks down differently.  I also take Omega-3 supplements, mine, so see the tab Vitalize You for how to purchase what I use.  Everything I take is all-natural, with no additives, and is made using phytotherapy or plant based methods.)

This is only 10 minutes and if you are having a hard time during the Holiday season, really pay attention.  You can help your own moods, depression, and life.  You can.  So my gift to you is to think about happy thoughts, get a light box if needed, take care of yourself, go to yoga or exercise, grab a buddy, and don’t ruminate on those negatives in your head.  Don’t.  Experience changes the brain.  Change your thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Autoimmune help on Christmas Eve.

  1. Beautiful! And I’m going to go find that poster on your page and share on mine.
    🙂 I have been recently told that I might have autoimmune disease too…attacking my thyroid and intestine. It is not yet diagnosed but from the tests, and whatever it is is high…that’s what is coming up. But if that is what it is, then it explains many unexplainable things.


    1. Hey Swati! I have lots of research in this department. Glad to “see” you on here! Just PM me if you need advice depending on what kind it is. I fully believe that we can fix things with phytotherapy, and I know lots of anti-inflammatory teas, etc. Just let me know. I have some mysterious things that have happened over the course of 5 years, and when you add it all up, it makes sense!


  2. you’re speaking my language love. After eating organics for over 20 years (i woked in one of the first organic shops in our area), homeopathics and herbs for about the same time, meditation, no gluten for 8 years… cutting out alcohol…sugar…complex carbs etc this year.. alternative and conscious eating has been a passion and a delight for me and my kids… so it baffled me why i am still feeling so poopy…
    I now know the reason…Lupus is the diagnosis, along with underactive thyroid, elevated pyrolles, methylation mutation and huge levels of H.Pylori.
    Now i am interested in the cause. I’ve done a lot of research, and like yourself i just cant seem to stop!! Such a wealth of knowledge out there, and i dont believe there is a magic bullet… we are far too complex as a biological and spiritual entity to that. For now, I am focussed on diet in a slightly different way.. healing the leaky gut, reducing the inflammation, taking the bold and shitty step of regular enemas, and learning as much as I can about my own individual biochemistry to mitigate the effects of what my body is not tolerating! *sigh… I didnt need to go to University to study it seems!! Life took care of that! Onward and upward.. totally support the ‘know thyself’ bit 🙂 and listening to your body and your symptoms. I really admire how you have tenaciously fought for your health and sanity through the past few years! You give me hope 🙂 loads of love xxKristin

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  3. Ohhh leaky gut is such a pain in the ass…and mind. It really plays havoc with our emotions and causes anxiety/depression as well as the inflammation. The bloat and pain didn’t help either. it’s so odd how over here in the U.S. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall with docs. 17 years ago with my first diagnosis, and that being iron overload, no one looked into heavy metals and how they mess with your system. When the Hashimoto’s came, oh I don’t know 3 or 4 years ago? Anyway, that was just the start of the downfall of my system. But yes, it takes much research and you pressing on knowing your body. I was lucky when I found products that I believed helped push the toxins out, and of course, changing my eating was a must. Hugs! You can do this too!! xx


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