Just a little food for thought as you look at the news…it is bad for all. There are no sides.

The Burned Hand

When I started this blog, I started it under an Avatar photo and have never said my full name.  I did that on purpose.  At times, it’s like you are reading my diary.  My personal thoughts that I feel the need to write down here.  My stories from my teaching career, my adventures with food, and yes, my life with invisible diseases.  If you were to open any one page of a diary you wrote, could you tell what you were feeling on that particular day?  Throughout my writing, people have asked me how I stay so positive.  That is until my last post.  I did not read it as not positive.  On the contrary, I read it as I was making progress…especially from where I was two weeks ago.  It hardly seems two weeks ago…I don’t tell you the truly personal events of my life as people…

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