I hate stress.

I don’t even know how to begin this post.  I am tired of being tired.  I’ll start there.  17 years.  Seventeen years.  Maybe it doesn’t sound like a long time.  I don’t know. Skin that burns in the sun, genetic blood disorder that causes organs to fail if iron levels get too high, autoimmune disease that causes food to act like tiny attackers as well as a host of other issues, virus that flared every bone in my body to pain, and then finally, the diagnosis of perpetual pain without a cure.

So tonight, my invisible disease friends, my brethren who look young, happy, normal and perfectly fine on the outside, but are dying on the inside daily, I wish you patience.  Because I know that I need it in my life and lack it.  I lack the ability to find anything remotely nice to say some days and can’t seem to help it.  Today is one of those days.  It is one of those days I wish everyone I come in contact with, I could touch like some sort of cool X-Men power and they would feel what I feel.  Everyone.

People who sound frustrated with me because of my questions don’t realize that I have to plan everything out according to my level of pain.  I have spent the last year weighing what was most important and trying to do that first.  I would like them to know how I feel on any given day.  People who ask me questions even though I have explained everything and sent them copies of things to read, yet ask me the same thing, they need to know that stresses me out.  Lastly, people who don’t have their stuff together, yet expect me to.  They stress me out.

I would give all of the above people a good ole’ magical touch.  How do you like me now?  Oh.  You get it now?  Okay then.

This ridiculous rambling tonight was brought on by the letters W, T, H.

Suck it up


4 thoughts on “I hate stress.

  1. Absolute biggest of hugs. After TWENTY THREE years.. yes 23, I FINALLY found an Integrative Doctor who actually listened, and looked at the biochemicals of what’s going on because it is very obvious after 23 years of treatment, said treatment has no and is not working!! New Doctor in just one visit has changed my life by putting me on Natural Thyroid extract..who knew my body wasn’t converting T4 to T3..well derrrr!!!!. I go back to see her next week for test results and her solution to correcting the inflammation and adrenal fatigue. Just those two things were news to me and no doctor had ever mentioned them. Have done some research myself and WOW that’s me!!!!

    I too am having a BLERRRR day today though.. hate everyone, everything’s a chore, raising my fingers to type is the equivalent of running a marathon wearing four cement bags on each shoulder! Yep… we won some kind of lottery with this thing, damn it!!!!!


    1. Hey! You are my new friend who gets it:) I have been researching the link with adrenal fatigue for 5 years since my body started going downhill after what I swore was a thyroid problem. It took over a year to even say I had Hashimoto’s, another year for anyone to listen to me saying that levothyroxine wasn’t working, plus working out didn’t do a thing to the 25 pounds I put on. I have now lost 17 of that, found a full functional medical doctor who does listen, but we are still stumped at some of the ways I respond to things:( The diagnosis of fibromyalgia came after Epstein-Barr seemed to reactivate in my system. But because my body doesn’t metabolize iron correctly due to hereditary hemochromatosis, we can’t figure out if that is hindering my progress…which I suspect it is. Hugs back to you!!


  2. What treatment are you on for your adrenals and inflammation? I’m beginning Paleo this week at the recommendation of my doctor… HUGE lifestyle change coming up. I’ve only ready good results so am very hopeful.


  3. Hey, I researched inflammatory foods a year ago. If you go through the search here on the blog, you can see what happened to me when I was allergy tested. It might be on my post “unhappy meals”…then I went completely gluten free/sugar free, then autoimmune Paleo protocol to reduce intestinal impermeability. It was fun. But not really. I am southern. Bread is it’s own thang here. ha:) Soooo. I have had to practice re-inventing recipes. On Pinterest, you can find my boards! Under the same blog name.


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