Welcome to Fantasy Island…

Here is your Motivation…read the quote at the end:)

The Burned Hand

Another day has passed and I am continuing on my path.  I am following my new regimen as directed.  My personal trainer, let’s call him Mr. Roarke, tells me that the weight is just going to drop off of me and I am going to be a size 4 in no time.  I love Mr. Roarke.  I keep looking around for Tattoo to jump out from behind the weights, but so far, I haven’t seen him.  The fantasy he has created for me sounds wonderful in my head.  The reality is that I did not do this to be a certain “size”.  I am doing this for my physical and mental wellness.  That being said, Mr. R sent me on a quest to find some special protein drink mix.  Note, I have updated the link to one I use now as it is all-natural with only naturally occurring sugars.

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