Today I need to warn you about the dangers of P.W.D.  Posting While Dumb.  At many times in your life, you might have a case of “the dumb”.  You should not write your dumb thoughts for all to see.  Nope.  If you have a friend nearby, call them.  They can post for you while you have P.W.D.  Stay away from phones, computers, and paper that you can write your dumb thoughts on and send to other people.  It is well known that P.W.D. is contagious.  If you happen to infect your computer, it might spread to other people.

For example, I do NOT care what your COLOR is, if you leave something dumb out there for my fans to read on my quotes, you get banned.  There are crappy people in ALL colors, but let’s please not bring up crap that happened 150 years ago on my wall.  Why??  This is part of the reason we can’t move forward.  You should have used your phone a friend option and said, hey, does this sound racist?  Friend would have said yes!  You have P.W.D.  You might need to wait before you say anything.  SMH.  Seriously.  I quote white people, black people, ALL the people.  Buddhist, Christians, Christian Buddhists.  Yup.

Then, there was the case of the extremely dumb doctor I read about yesterday.  Clearly, he needed the phone a friend option.  His case of P.W.D goes beyond most I’ve seen.  His case of “the dumb” is so profound he is now delusional.  Read about it here.  That’s right.  He fired a lady for having cancer.  So he is “laying her off” because she won’t be able to function from her job of 12 years…and he sent her a LETTER in the mail.  A letter.

So today I implore you to think before commenting.  If you start to get mad at someone’s post, think, have I caught P.W.D.?  Would my comment lead to more cases of P.W.D.?  If the answer is yes, then don’t post.  Keep it to yourself.  Use a tissue so you don’t spread that stuff around.  Use antibacterial soap before you type.  Maybe even get the dumb off your keyboard before you type again.  They also make Lysol.  Use some.  Clean up your phones, keyboards, whatever you need to stop the spread of P.W.D.  This has been an important service announcement.  Share it with people.  We can change the world:)





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