This is who we are…

I wrote this a while back. God Bless.

The Burned Hand

I don’t know where you were on that day…maybe you were a student.  All I know is that I was the teacher and it was only the second week of school.  I dropped my baby girl off at daycare that morning.  It was a special day because she was 6 months old.  I was walking my class down the hall when another teacher stopped me and asked me if I heard the news.  What news?  What is going on?  She whispered to me what they thought was happening to our country right then and all I could do was hold myself together to get down the hall.  These little people depend on me to keep it together.  I wasn’t allowed to turn the TV on in the classroom, and there was no other way to get news.  At lunch, I sought out other teachers and asked them if they knew…

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