On my ever changing life…

I was minding my own business.  Okay, I might have already been feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself, but it’s because I am tired out and I only managed to do one errand today…but anyway, still minding my own business.  When someone posted this blog link hereWARNING:  if you have chronic illness, it might depress you even more.  JUST SAYING.  And then I realized…I had hope.  I have a plan.  I help people already.  So take THAT depressing article about that which I can’t change, but can make better.

My husband wrote a erm very interesting blog post this week about our business.  And while I would not have written it the way he did, I didn’t nit-pick or edit it.  He has his own style.  You can read it here.

Anyway, what I have come to realize is that through helping other people I have always felt better.  No matter what.  I think that’s why I became a teacher.  I want others to have hope.  Feel better.  Like themselves.  Have self-esteem.  Do the things they THINK they are incapable of doing.  My business has provided me with that platform.  My Facebook page for my quotes has provided me with over 15,000 fans reading my blurbs…wish you all would come over here every once in a while…just saying.

My friend with cancer right now is in the same boat I am in, but it just looks different.  We are natural helpers.  We want others to succeed, so because she has to take another year off of teaching, she is a bit down as well.  I understand.  It’s a HUGE decision to put your health first when you are a giver.  You are suddenly left with feelings of “Well, now what?  Life was supposed to go this way.  Stay the course life.  STAY. THE. COURSE.  WHY ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ME??”  Seriously life.  I need to give you a good ass kicking.

The bottom line is this…the course changes.  You change.  You move forward…not backward.  No matter what it feels like, you are not the same person you were before this lesson arrived.  You have lots of wonderful good things to offer the world, so don’t sell yourself short.  Don’t. 



2 thoughts on “On my ever changing life…

  1. thanks for your beautiful and inspirational words. I always feel a little bit lighter after reading your posts. love you drowqueen!


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