I like this definition:  having or showing a lack of experience, judgement, or information; credulous.  She’s so naive she believes everything she reads.  A synonym that was used was simple

If we put things in that context, it is easier to move forward.  I often see very public Facebook statuses about people.  While I personally don’t care, not my circus, not my monkeys, I find it easier to ignore said people.  The old me would get drawn into something akin to a verbal match.  Always having the last word…this me has to have no words.  None.

If you come at it from the standpoint of no one on this earth has been in your place and has had to make your decisions, then you start to realize the person trying to get you to see things from their point of view is basically naive.  How can you see things from their point of view?  Quite frankly, you can’t.

Of course there is a degree of empathy, but people who continually argue with others about their views baffle me.  I see no point.  I could use religion, race, or homosexuality as examples, but I’m not.  People were raised a certain way.  They have in their tool box whatever they learned up until about the age of 18, then it was time to go forth and assimilate this knowledge.

Some people have the capability to decipher knowledge and add it to their bank of learning.  Others use the “I was raised this way” line of thought.  I’ve seen it in teaching and I’ve seen it in society.  Haters gonna hate.  I know, I know, but think about it.  If you remember my blog post from a while back, I mention a man who changed the lives of people.  It was some very Narrow-minded folks.  Feel free to read it again and ponder what can happen when you open your heart instead of your mouth…you do not have to have the last word.



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