Motivational Monday…

Healing people.  That is my motivation lately.  I made a new page tab on the blog for my new business and things are coming along.  I believe in my research of all-natural products.  I realize that everyone has their own battle and does not do the kind of research I do.  Most people haven’t been attacked by various illnesses for the last 17 years either; however, I am trying to heal myself from the inside out.  In one of my blog posts, I mention getting help from a chiropractor who also happens to be in my business.  She is one of the first people to find that puzzle piece I long suspected was missing and said that perhaps dormant Epstein-Barr has been trying to take over.

It’s a good day when I have the energy to clean the house so today was a really good day.  I am going to keep plugging along and promoting clean eating and removing the contaminates from life.  Contaminates can come in all shapes and sizes.  Think of the things that stress you out.  If the answer is to remove said stress, then why wait?  Often times people tell me they “can’t” do something.  Let me tell you about the difference between can’t and won’t.  You are able to do anything you make up your mind to do.  You just have to believe.  The problem is you won’t.  You won’t do it because there is a fear attachment or some other reason you have decided sounds good in your head.  Name that fear and cast it away.  Write it down, crumble it up, and take it to the trash.  End of story.

The next time you say you can’t change what’s happening to you, name the fear.  I know what my fears are.  Do you?

Face your fear

This quote is so awesome I must print it out and read it daily.  Please feel free to pin it and have it go viral.


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