There are no words…

Last year, when I found out about the Sandy Hook shooting, these were my thoughts.

The Burned Hand

During my lunch yesterday, a few teachers asked me if I heard the news.  I had not.  I briefly scanned the headlines and started crying right then.  I could not do this right now.  I had my babies coming back in so I had to push all emotion away and get through the rest of my day plus a meeting.  It was strange.  One asked if she could have an extra hug.  One hopped up on my lap to tell me he loved me.  I hadn’t said a thing, but I hugged them tighter.

When I got off work, I did not check headlines as I had plans with my family.  I headed straight home.  We were having a family night that we had planned in advance with my parents, brother, and niece.  On the car ride up to the special place known as Christmas Town, I started crying and…

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