I don’t write for you…

Just found this from last year and I thought it was appropriate to re-blog.

The Burned Hand

I know WordPress means well when it sends me my year in blogging, but quite frankly, I don’t write for you.  I write for me.  I always have and I hope I always will.  Oh sure, I want to write for a magazine or even publish my short stories one day, but it will still be for me.  I think that’s how writing should be.  If it helps other people, good.  That was my intention, but ultimately, I am my own critic.  I am the one who writes and re-writes posts in my head a hundred times.  I am the one who gets up at 3 a.m. and pounds away on the keys when I can’t sleep.  I am the one who can’t let an idea go until I get it out…even if I shove it away from me because I don’t feel like posting it at the time. …

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