Motivational Monday…

Have you ever met someone and you instantly connected?  Some deep spiritual level recognizes a kindred spirit.  Maybe they put into words how you feel or you start to say something and you say the same thing at the same time.  You know you can trust this person and things are going to be okay.  They are authentic.

Authentic means real or genuine.  Not copied or fakeTrue and accurate.  These types of people draw me like a moth to a flame.  Call it being intuitive, but if I get the feeling I am being lied to, talked about in secret codes, used only when needed, or kept around for other purposes I really do not want you in my life.  Period.  Life is about choices, and if you are reading this and nodding your head because someone came to mind, you know what you have to do.  Put some distance between you and those folks.

I once counseled this young woman to find new friends because she kept saying I get the feeling they are lying to me.  I ask them what they are doing, but they are always busy.  They don’t answer my calls, or respond to my private messages and I know they have seen them…it tells me so right there on the screen.  Not only that, they ALL keep secrets from each other.  Not one of them really likes the others anyway because no one truly trusts anyone.  All they do is talk about the others behind their backs.  Ummm, hello.  You already know what you have to do.



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