Motivational Monday…

I was in a groove, you know what I’m saying.  I was doing everything right and I felt good.  Then whammy.  The little trip to vertigo lane derailed me.  To the point that I lost confidence and that is never a good thing.  So, I woke up, realized I needed to think about all the things that have gone right in my life, and go from there.  Last week, my friend from high school got some wonderful news about her cancer tumors.  They can operate.  Tears of joy.  Cancer can be beat back.

My tiny one celebrated her birthday and got her ears pierced.  My oldest is a good kid, and middle school might be hard for some, but she is so focused on school work she doesn’t let anything bother her.  I called my cousin this morning and we had an hour-long chat.  And lastly, I have NOT gotten a rejection letter in quote some time.  Okay, so I have only ever gotten one because I wasn’t sending my work out there, but now that I am, I am expecting the letters.  Only this time, this time, I know I have a good story and if they don’t think it works for the children’s magazine, I am thinking of tweaking it and making it longer.  I really loved the research and could definitely make it a chapter book.

I sent in one of my other children’s pieces and have not heard back.  Supposedly it can take months.  I am new at this and have no idea what I am doing, so I need a system to remind me where I sent what.  I will eventually get on that.  Back to motivating…I helped four people with their businesses lately.  Two run their own locally, and two are internet based.  Yes, I am doing it for free.  It doesn’t bother me.  I inadvertently ummm helped my child’s cafeteria monitor last week, and then went to the AP about a new way to monitor behavior there.  Okay, so I am a fixer.  I can’t seem to stop being a teacher.  I see a problem and it would literally make my skin crawl if I didn’t try to help.   Sigh.

So today, this is what I said to myself and it stuck.  Here is my motivation for today:

Make it happenProbably 5 other people have said this before, but today, I said it.  I am doing it.  I will work to make it happen.


5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday…

  1. Every email I get from your blog page, I read at least twice, if not more. Whether I can relate personally or due to a person I know, I absorb each point made. Having lost touch with you for several years, I’ve missed a lot, but still feel connected with you as the dear friend you were during the teenage years. I know I’ve said this before, but you are still the beautiful Aimee B. that makes me laugh, smile, and even cry at times, but never in a bad way. More just because I wish I lived closer and we could share a glass of wine or cup of coffee together while talking about life, children, and the hands we’ve been dealt. You make me feel better, feel inspired, and just really FEEL. Keep going. It’s not just Motivational Monday. You’re truly Motivation. Love you!


    1. Girl. Blush, blush. I love you! Don’t think I will ever forget being able to call you at a moment’s notice, have you run over to my house and be my back-up for some drama queens who paid me a visit:) Hugs!!


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