Take action…

I want to write about a few things, but think I can get them into this one post.  First, I want to let you know today is Gandhi’s birthday.  He was ahead of his time…or maybe just right.  His spirit lives on through his words.  Next, I will not be writing about the government shutdown.  Applause not necessary.  Of course it bothers me, but I am not like the others in my feed and if I want to have a voice in this, I should run for office.  I am not there, and as hard as it is to say this, I am sure they are trying, sort of, maybe.  What bothers me about people on the outside is that most of the people want to tell others how to live their lives.  How to vote.  What to do.  What we should do.   If you are concerned, take action.  Things are not always as they seem.  It is easy to choose sides when you are not living it.  Write letters.  Picket.  Hold up signs, but last I checked, the folks involved in this mess did not check Facebook before they made their decisions.   You already know the quote that made Gandhi famous, but I’ll say it again “Be the change you want to see in the world.”   As I write this, my husband is “enjoying” some time off.  We hope it doesn’t last too long, but if I was there and I did have strong feelings about one side or the other, perhaps I wouldn’t budge either.


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