Foolish comments…

I once used the word asinine in the middle of a meeting with a team of people and you would have thought I said the “f” word.  Maybe I did in a way because I meant foolish or senseless.  I used the word correctly and the idea was absurd.  Sometimes I don’t understand why we tip-toe around the truth.  I don’t remember who brought the idea up now, it was a few years ago, but I was known for speaking my mind which is why they put me on that particular team.  All the other people were nodding their heads so maybe in a way it was my administrator’s idea, but I knew it was not put out there for the good of the many.  It was put out there as a way to give negative criticism and hide behind a fictitious veil of righteousness.  So I came up with an idea that was the opposite and we went with that.

Only a few people knew how truly awful this upper management’s mind worked…and only a few people cared.  I wondered, as any good employee does, how these people get to be in management.  I’ll never forget the meeting we all went to with other members of our community.  I was taking notes, my team was brainstorming, and I looked over and there was our fearless “leader”.  Texting under the table.  Checking her e-mail.  Playing on her phone the whole time.  I ate lunch with two of my like-minded team members that day, and we talked about how embarrassing her actions were.

Remember the old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them.”?  Well, I don’t believe in that.  As a geek, I see this as going over to the side of Lord Vader or Lord Voldemort.  Take your pick.  Perhaps Frodo should have just kept the ring, hmm?  NO.  What if we all just went with foolish ideas because it was easier.  How about instead of the old saying we change it to “If you can’t beat them, come up with a better idea.”  That works for me.  So my friends, your task is to be witty and fearless.  Go out and brandish your ideas as a way to combat foolishness everywhere.  Do not give in to the dark side.

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2 thoughts on “Foolish comments…

  1. I have been in the middle of moving, and just read this today. I am right with you! Dealing with the administration of a private school in NYC was definitely like dealing with the DARK SIDE! I was loathe to understand why certain decisions were made which not only caused the teachers, but also the students, to suffer the stupidity of the few and the complete lack of leadership at the top. A great deal like our government right now.


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