Her take: Hot Tub Heaven

This is a first look at the new spin-off collaborative blog. Enjoy!

The Virginian Rovers

Hot Tub Heaven

City/County:  Front Royal, VA
Website:  www.hthva.com
Accommodations: (Cabin Four) Four bedrooms with full beds, 1 pull out, and two full baths

Things to do onsite: hot tub, records/turn table, TV, hiking, and on-site massage therapy available upon request (apparently, wedding officiant available upon request as well, ha), games, puzzles, walk your dogs (BYOD)

Things to do offsite: dozens of wineries within 20 minutes (woo-hoo), hiking in Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive, Civil War sites, historic downtown area, horseback riding, and it is apparently the Canoe capital of VA (did not know this)

What we liked: hot tub, nice mountain view, quiet, wood burning stove, dog friendly, horseback riding very close

What we didn’t like: neighborhood dogs didn’t all appear to be on leashes, dish washer tried to crush my dad’s foot, and ummm the stinkbugs like the mountains

Getting there was…

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