Stress release?

There is a renewed sense of going to the gym at my workplace.  It is going to make us feel better and get in shape.  It relieves stress.  And I have a great workout station that I get to listen to, so it really does make me work harder on the elliptical.  The problem is, there are people who don’t know how to read signs posted at the gym.  Like the one that says no talking on your cell phone on workout equipment.  I guess the lady next to me was talking to herself.  Then there is my favorite, the sign posted in the 30 minute circuit training area that says follow the directions or you might be asked to leave that area.  Ha.  Haven’t seen anyone escorted out of there yet.  My friend and I were waiting one day for these fabulous people who continued to use the same machine over and over and would not move on.  That must have been one great machine.  I didn’t see any signs posted that said instant muscle.  Who knows.  Then the next time we went, a girl walked right by us using the equipment (with the flashing green for go and then red for stop light above us clearly marking time) and jumped right on the machine I was about to use.  This time I did eyeball her and say “I guess I wasn’t about to use that.”  She acted like she didn’t realize and at least she apologized.

The next occasion we went to the circuit area, we were about to start our rounds when a guy comes in with an entire group of people and starts teaching a class back there.  What the what???  I didn’t even know they did that.  Awesome.  So, we go back again and the lady who likes to jump on the equipment I am about to use is there again.  Brilliant.  I eyeball another machine and make my way to it, when a man jumps on it and starts doing ab exercises.  Sigh.  I can take a hint, so my friend and I went to happy hour instead today.  Sometimes the universe is trying to tell you something.  Listen.  Mine is telling me to wait for spring, and get outdoors.

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”  ~Hal Borland


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