Dog days of summer…

Whew.  Remember back when I was going to get that one cute little puppy dog and it turned into two?  I don’t regret it; however, I have been quote busy lately and unable to focus on other things.  Juliet is doing better after her “pill” episode on our vacation, but of course I had to take her in to be spayed today because uhh well, she had an umbilical hernia that also had to be fixed.  I know, I know.  I work to pay for the dogs.

I took my daughter with me to get Juliet and while I was waiting, a woman walks in with a Yorkie in her arms.  At first I thought the dog was wearing this neat harness in green, but upon further inspection it was wearing a dress.  Yes. It. Was.  Not only that, but the lady was crooning to it about how pretty it looked for her doctor’s appointment with her favorite veterinarian (she even said the vet was her dog’s boyfriend, I did not make this up).  She sat down in the chair and told the dog to sit in her lap like a lady.  Apparently she was flashing everyone.  Far be it from me to judge.  I did want to laugh, but I managed to tell her how cute the dog looked.  Now, I love my pets just as much as the next person, and I might secretly want to slap a bun costume on them at Halloween because, well people expect that sort of thing with a wiener dog; however I refrain myself.

I find those chain e-mails that 50 million people have sent out with the animals in costume to be amusing, I can’t lie; however, I think the dogs might be plotting their revenge.  Especially the cute Yoda pug.  He is going to bite you one day if you keep doing that to him.  It doesn’t stop me from forwarding the funny e-mails though.  Anyway, I will end with these photos:

No costumes were used in the making of this post.

“I think animal testing is a terrible idea. They get all nervous and give silly answers.” ~Stephen Fry



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