Treasure awaits…

I like brochures.  I collect them when we travel.  I read all the local history, research neat places to go and occasionally follow through on my ideas.  Here are a few…in no particular order:

Pirates of Chicamacomico

Pirate wine glasses in Island Spice & Wine

Okay, so I like pirates and read all about them when I get a chance.  The word “Chicamacomico” is Algonquin and means “sinking down sand”.  The pirates who inhabited this island are actually quite famous and you can read about them here.

I also happen to love supporting local artists.  My grandfather would use watercolors and sit with me while he was painting.  He would paint pictures of the dunes and lighthouses, so while we are here, I wanted to visit this place:

Pea Island Art Gallery

Wooden fish

There was so much to see…literally.  I bet we could go in everyday and find something new.  My mom fell in love with a mermaid ring, but had to pass on it since my dad was there.  Ha.  My husband and I started looking at this really interesting piece which was mostly black and white…she just used a pop of color.  She reminded me of another artist I saw once at an art show and I regretted not buying a piece of her work.  Not this time.  I have a new treasure.

“An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.”  ~Andy Warhol


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