I am re-blogging this since Ray passed away.

The Burned Hand

The movie opens with a steam train in the cover of darkness.  In the background, a haunting melody plays as the train comes closer.  The scene changes to a crisp autumn day in a sleepy little town.  Two little boys are seen in a school room with an old-fashioned teacher.  As the movie progresses, the plot unfolds to include a man by the name of Mr. Dark who is seen briefly throwing flyers for his dark and mysterious carnival into the wind.  As the train pulls into town during the “witching hour”, the boys spy the carnival magically appear in a clearing.  From that point on, we see good versus evil, magic, illusions, and trances.  One of the most interesting points in the story comes when Mr. Dark pulls up his sleeve and shows his ever-moving sinister tattoo.  I start to think I have seen this before; however, this novel…

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