You don’t have what they call “the social skills”…

It is time for me to go off on a rant.  Occasionally this happens and with my mood lately, well, you just don’t know what you’re going to get.  If you recognize yourself in this post, it is only because you too are guilty of doing these things.

The year is 1989 and I am talking on the phone to my best-friend…for hours.  We talk about events from the day, movies, clothes, and probably boys.  We are freshmen in high school.  Most of our conversations took place face-to-face or on the phone.  Yes, that was all we had.  I miss those days.  Now, back to current times.  Sigh.  How do I even begin this?  Well, let’s start off by saying I miss phone calls.  Over the last few years, I have been getting progressively less of the “real” calls and only telemarketers call now.  I don’t know why we have a house phone anymore…Alexander Graham Bell would be sorry to hear this.

I get e-vites, e-mails, event notifications, texts and the occasional messenger notification on FB.  Rarely do I have a friend say something to me personally anymore and I am getting a bit tired of it.  I am not talking about people who live out-of-town, I understand why we communicate through the computer.  It works great and there are no long-distance charges. However, if you are planning a huge event and don’t hear from me because you e-vited me and you are mad, get over it.  I almost feel like you didn’t really want me there in the first place.  Maybe you were click happy and didn’t want to leave anyone out.  There is nothing worse than being invited to something with 30 other people and having your phone blow up every time they have something to say in a message.  I work during the day and when my phone buzzes every 30 seconds, not only does it drain my battery, it interrupts my day.

I am a social pariah I guess.  I have taught my daughters telephone manners just like I was taught.  I won’t let them have a “smart” phone or any cell phone for that matter right now.  Yes, my oldest will be going into middle school next year.  Besides that, I don’t think those phones are that smart.  They are a convenience that has gotten out of hand.  They have made smart people do stupid things.  Woooo-hoo, look at my junk.  Snap. Post.  Next day, ummm, why is there a photo of my junk on here?  You know what I mean.  Instant status update while you are driving…into that tree over there.  Publishing your personal business at the time it is happening…be right back, I gotta pee.  Thanks for sharing.  Snapping 100 photos of yourself…all in one day.  Maybe it was time elapsed and we didn’t notice.

Some people you know, don’t have what they call the “social skills”.  See what I mean?

Maybe you know a few people like this.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.

“”But I don’t want to go among mad people,” said Alice. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the cat. “We’re all mad here.””  ~Lewis Carroll


4 thoughts on “You don’t have what they call “the social skills”…

  1. Sadly social skills are lacking in the age of instant gratification. The mobile phone and the accompanying ability to instantly communicate has spurred on a chasm of rudeness. Rant away


      1. i completely agree!! not that i will write the book on etiquette but i have always been taught May I instead of Can I…..and when my child was about 2.5-3 i started teaching him May i please have….so anytime he asked for anything it was please can i may i please have……he’s 3.5 now and has it masters but it made me laugh so much…we’ve also masters the ‘thank you for having me’ before we leave friends houses…and it makes me smile every time…just like the mailed party invites i am ordering for his July birthday…sometimes old school rocks!!


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