Jive Talkin’…

Jive talkin’, you’re telling me lies, yeah

Jive talkin’, you wear a disguise

Jive talkin’, so misunderstood, yeah

Jive talkin’, you just ain’t no good

This isn’t the case with the Bee Gees; however, I really do love this song.  The truth is, what happened to the band members was more like this:

I’m sure many people feel this way who know the story of the brothers Gibb.  At age 30, the youngest brother, Andy, who was not part of the group, passed away from a heart infection.  In 2003, Maurice, the twin of Robin, died from a twisted bowel, and today, his brother Robin passed at age 62 losing his battle to cancer.  Barry remains at age 65.  I will close with a recent version of Robin singing I Started a Joke.

The whole world might not have started crying, but the fans of the Bee Gees surely did.  Rest in peace brother Gibb.

“I don’t take things for granted, because everything feels more fragile. It’s made me wonder about mortality and how long you’ve got somebody in the world. I’m more fearful than I used to be.”  ~Robin Gibb


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