The first day of May was traditionally known as an ancient Gaelic holiday.  The sun has progressed to its mid-way point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.  For me, it marks the day that I do the final countdown in my head.  I know that if I make it through this month, school is almost over.  This is always an exciting time.  I am reminded of a certain piece of literature:

“The month of May was come, when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom, and to bring forth fruit; for like as herbs and trees bring forth fruit and flourish in May, in likewise every lusty heart that is in any manner a lover, springeth and flourisheth in lusty deeds. For it giveth unto all lovers courage, that lusty month of May.”  ~Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte d’Arthur

Oh yes, every “lusty heart” have beginneth to blossom for sure at my school.  We are lusting after pedicures, days in the sun, maxi-dresses, bikinis, sandy toes, cocktails, and actually reading a book for pleasure, not to the class.  Mommas are looking forward to play dates with their friends and kids, staying up later and looking for lightning bugs, going to the park and letting our kids just be kids.  As for me, I’m a no-schedule kind of gal in the summer.  Call me up on short notice and invite me somewhere.  Got an extra ticket to that thing you like?  Sweet.  I’ll go.  Yup.  It’s kind of like this in my head now:

For those of you who don’t know me, I had hair like Europe back in the day.  Don’t judge.  It rocked.

“How much of human life is lost in waiting?”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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