Too much, too soon…

I apologize for falling asleep last night and not getting this out.  As most of you know, I try to publish a random topic every Tuesday night.  This has been on my mind for two weeks, but then other things happened.  Soooo, my girls came home one day after school all excited about this “dance” they were going to have.  Yes.  I said dance.  Back up just a minute.  They are in third grade and fifth grade.  Apparently, some ridiculous person decided to organize a school dance as a goodbye party for the fifth graders.  The details have not come home to parents yet; however, the principal announced it to the entire school on their morning show.  Now, if you recall this post on Romancing the mood ring, you know I am already in trouble.  I have two girls, and the tiny one in grade 3 already has this little “playa” going around telling all these girls that he will ask each of them, then changing his mind.  This produces hurt feelings for all involved.  Luckily the injured parties have moms who are friends and they can nip this in the bud.  They decided their girls were all going together as friends.  Ha.  Take that Mr. Stinson.

So, that leaves my older one.  Well, she is really quiet, so I wasn’t worried until she came home telling me the guy who liked her best friend was going to ask her.  Oh nooooo.  Not starting this now.  Absolutely not.  We all had to have the talk.  Luckily my friend was over here one day and we had a casual talk with our girls about not letting boys come in between them and how friendships were important.  Once again I will remind you that this is not even middle school.  To say that we were mildly displeased about having this thrown on us right now is an understatement.  Yes, we realize our little girls are going to have to grow up one day, but we already have so many things taken away from us as parents right now.  The papers already came home about the “facts of life” class, and no, it’s not called that, but you get the point.  How each year they add a little bit more until your child knows more than you.  Seriously, what happened to the days when you were like 17 and your parents still hadn’t given you the talk?  Okay, so maybe by that point someone already had a baby in your high school and you had figured it out yourself, but ummm that’s besides the point.

I don’t know, dear readers, do you think it is too much too soon?  Can kids be kids anymore?  What happened to playing Barbies or staying outside until the street lights came on?  Does it seem that there is a push from society to grow up?  Maybe it’s just my small circle of friends, but we couldn’t believe it was all happening so soon.

“While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.”
~Angela Schwindt



One thought on “Too much, too soon…

  1. I wouldn’t let them go to the dance. You can be fairly certain the music they play isn’t going to be Disney theme songs, rather it will be the mindless dance/club crap to which they already get too much exposure. And elementary school is waaay too young, anyway. Will there be slow dances? That doesn’t need to happen at that age.


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