Hot like wasabi…

When I bust rhymes…wait, that wasn’t my line.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, remember when I mentioned the whole I’m kind of depressed this week thing?  Yeah, still there.  I feel like I lost a tiny piece of me this week.  It was furry.  Anyway, let’s move onto the part that will make you laugh or at least commiserate with me.

I have more on my mind than I need to and less than others I’m sure.  That being said, I was mulling over events in my life while trying to find a snack to eat that was both healthy and gluten-free.  I grabbed some beets and marinated them for a salad with goat cheese, but while that was mingling, I decided I needed something right then.  I really was not thinking at all about what I was doing and I poured out a handful of my delicious Edamame Wasbi snack.  I usually eat a few of these at a time, and wasabi does not bother me.  I popped the entire handful in my mouth like it was candy.  I realized what I had done a half second too late and my mouth exploded with a hot burning numbness.  My sinuses needed opening anyway, but ummm, talk about being in my own world.  It was so bad I had to spit them out.  I mean, whew.  It was pretty funny, and it did clear my head.  While I don’t suggest this normally, if you need your sinuses opened up or perhaps you just like wasabi, try the above snack.  Of course, we must end with this:

Chickity China the Chinese chicken…what does that mean anyway?  Who cares, you’ll be singing this song all night now.

“Sorrow makes us all children again – destroys all differences of intellect.  The wisest know nothing.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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