Do not read into this post…

I was scrolling through the junk on Facebook, I mean “updates” and one of them caught my eye.  My friend posted something funny and I went to click like.  Then I started reading everyone’s comments and I was like, ummm, this is a joke people.  I know him and he did not mean anything by it.  It doesn’t matter what he said, I’m sure you have seen a million posts like this.  THIS is why I usually only post very mundane items of information for people to comment on.  He even had to state he heard it on a radio show and it made him laugh.

Sigh.  Whatever happened to good ole’ communication?  Do you feel like you haven’t “talked” to people in ages?  The truth is, you probably haven’t tried.  Oh I’m sure you have texted them, messaged them, poked them (don’t read into that), and commented or clicked like on something they said just so they know you are alive, but when is the last time you spoke to them?  Maybe if you did you wouldn’t read so much into other people’s comments.

I have a friend who was apparently put out with people for not responding to an event she created on the book of face.  Did you call me?  Nope.  Did you speak to me about it in person?  Nope.  Did you even try to e-mail me?  Nope.  I mean I know e-mail is antiquated now, but no reminder was given to me at all.  I am too old to play games and if you know me, then you know it’s true.  I have been reading a lot of books about “games”.


Oh, wait, the last one is not a game, it is really my life.  Don’t make up your own rules, friends, and forget to let people know what they are.  This just isn’t helpful.  Let’s use some common sense, which implies we have “good sense and sound judgement in practical matters”, and move on with our lives before we “read too much into it”.

“Common sense is very uncommon.”  ~Horace Greeley


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