The faceless whistler…

Sadly, it is not always the most wonderful time of the year like the song says.  I had a lot on my mind this afternoon as I tried to finish up a few more errands after work.  Even so, I paused for the older lady who was trying to cross the road at a busy shopping area.  The woman on the phone who beeped at me, did not pause and sped forward.  Karma, I said to myself not for the first time.  Patience.  I was thinking about the parents who send sick children to school because it’s easier on them and shaking my head for the hundredth time.  I was driving home in the dark and my gas tank was on E.  As I sat at the stoplight, I watched a guy on a bicycle zoom by in work clothes.  Okay, at least I have a car.  I try to tell myself positive things when I get like this.  I turned the corner and saw a tiny lady carrying groceries over her shoulder on the way home.  I hope she makes it home okay.  Why isn’t someone helping her?

By the time I got to the gas station, it was full dark, but I knew some people were still at work.  Happy thoughts?  No, it really wasn’t helping me tonight for some reason.  I get out of the car and start pumping gas.  As I am standing there, I hear this guy whistling at the pump behind me.  I turn to look around, but I can’t see him.  He starts going to town on this tune he is whistling.  He must be the Ludwig van Beethoven of whistlers.  I start to smile despite my mood.  I wonder what he has to whistle about.  Did his day go according to plan?  Perhaps he is happy because he got a holiday bonus this year.  Maybe he is just like my dad who whistles randomly and for no apparent reason.  Obviously, he is not thinking about the million things he needs to do or how society as a whole could use a lesson in manners these days.  Sigh.  Perhaps, just maybe, all of these things were in my path tonight just so I could remember there are things to be happy about even on nights like this.  No, especially on nights like this.

“You become what you think about all day long and those days eventually become your lifetime.”  ~Wayne Dyer



One thought on “The faceless whistler…

  1. He could very well have been thinking about how his day sucked, how he had to get home to cook dinner, that he hopes he’s got enough to fill up again next week because gas prices are $3 a gallon while the oil and gas companies continue to bring in record profits, or he could have been thinking nasty thoughts as he stared at your butt while he could see you, but you couldn’t see him. Doesn’t really matter. It was probably King Julian!


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