Not your average costume…

Many years ago, I would plot with my friends months before Halloween to produce a costume unlike any seen in our neighborhood.  Back then, it was imperative that you did not see yourself coming and going down the street.  I will equate it to watching the Emmys where Joan Rivers stands out front asking you who you are wearing.  One particular occasion, we were coming up with the best idea ever, but we were a man down.  We had to have four people to pull this one off.  We enlisted in the help of my neighbor’s good friend and set to work.  We designed the costumes based on our inspirational characters.  These guys were really popular back then.  Also, it took little more than trash bags, sunglasses, a  prop microphone, and my fake saxophone to re-create the vision.  Here is a clip to help you out:

That’s right.  I know you are jealous.  We went as the California Raisins.  We rocked those costumes.  The more I thought about how fun it was to invent my own costume each year, the more I realized it was time to pass that tradition on.  Last year my girls decided to do their own thing.  They each came up with a concept, and I helped them with the small details.  This year, when they both came to me and said they wanted to do their own thing again, I was thrilled.  We didn’t see anyone last night who looked like them.  Top chef and cowgirl looked so original it brought me back to my own days.  The plotting continues.  We have a whole year to come up with more ideas.

“Clothes make a statement.  Costumes tell a story.”  ~Mason Cooley


One thought on “Not your average costume…

  1. One year I went as Laverne from Laverne and Shirley. I was 10. Alas, no Shirley… so everyone thought I was just some poodle skirt wearing 50s chick. Sigh…


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