Let go of it…no really.

Tonight’s random topic is one that is near and dear to my heart.  It’s called letting go.  I might have touched on this briefly before, but I want to focus on why it is so hard for some of us to move forward.  I know exactly where I get it from.  For me, its genetic.  Don’t let my dad fool you.  He might have great words of advice for me when I call him, but he is also the first to go on and on and on and on about a topic even when we aren’t talking about that anymore.  So the first thing I want you to do is to take a mental poll.  Ask yourself why is this thing bothering me?  Once you get your answer, you can begin to move forward.

I am going to demonstrate with an example.  Last week, my neighbor started blowing his leaves out in the street.  This might not sound like a big deal.  They do NOT pick the leaves up until after Thanksgiving.  For real.  By the time this man is done, no one will have a place to park on that side of the road and all his leaves will block the drain.  Not only that, but I will have to hear about it every day from my husband.  So, I identified the problem, and looked at the city webpage to find out that in December they will pick the leaves up.  To solve this problem, I can think about it all the time.  I can get mad like my dad does, sorry dad, or I can call the city.  You can guess which one I am going to do if you know me.  I will also tell you that the mosquito control people are my BFFs and they know me by name.  Seriously.  I love me some vector control.

Next scenario, what do you do to people in traffic who get under your skin?  Do you tailgate, cuss up a blue streak, or do you smile and blow them a kiss?  Guess which one I do.  Ha.  Yes, I blow kisses to people who give me the bird.  Why?  Because a while back, I had my babies in the car and it made me so mad when someone honked and flipped me off that I smiled and blew them a kiss.  I really did.  Did it make me feel better?  Yes, for some reason it did.  Mostly because I look them right in the face when they do that to me.  Did you ever notice they won’t really look at you?  They know they are wrong.

Once you have identified why something is bothering you and why you are having a hard time letting it go, I want you to come up with at least three ways to solve your problem.  One of them can’t be to think about it until you get ulcers.  If you have made a move to fix it, and there is no resolution, work to let go of it.  Write it on a piece of paper and burn it or write it on toilet paper and flush it down the toilet.  Do not let your problems own you.  You control them.  Remember that.

“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond the winning.”  ~Lao Tzu



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