King Kong vs Me…

I thought I’d start off Random Topic Tuesday with this clip.  My blog is about things that have happened to me, and some are not that funny; however, how I handle what I am dealt is usually with humor.  Tonight’s post takes me back to 1985ish.  Not sure if that was the exact year, but close enough.  My brother and I had watched King Kong climbing the Empire State Building the night before and were diligently creating a reenactment.  We were in my parents’ room, and B was probably wearing some footy pajamas.  I was in a long, flowy night-gown like Fay Wray (duh).  King Kong, my brother, was busy climbing on the furniture.  He made it all the way to the top of this tall armoire-like piece of furniture (no idea where my parents were) and started throwing things down at the “planes” where I was standing.  I took one step forward and heard a sickening crunch.  The kind you never forget because I also felt a sharp stick go up in my foot.  Ouch.  Pain.

I looked down and there was HALF a sewing needle.  Not your average sized one, no.  Like my mom, who never, ever sews, was sewing some industrial material or something.  Really.  Way to go mom.  Leave a needle on top of this tall armoire where we could get it.  Back to my foot.  As I said, ouch.  I start screaming, my brother starts panicking.  Mom and dad come running in.  Oh now you appear.  Where were you two seconds ago when Kong was throwing things?  We both start talking at once and I hold up half of this gigantic needle.  Everyone is looking for the other half except me.  I calm down and tell them it’s in my foot and it hurts.  No one believes me at first because we can’t see it sticking out.  How could this have happened?  Well, it’s me we are talking about.

So, as the moment of clarity hits me, I realize our neighbor has a metal detector and it’s pretty cool.  I am probably around 10 years old, and calmer than my dad, who freaks out when accidents occur.  We call up ole’ Jim-Bob, and he runs over with his detector.  Ha ha ha ha.  Seriously.  So I hold my foot up and it beeps.  Wow.  I am not surprised.  I told you it was in there…geesh.  Now what.  Well, this happens to be the night before Easter.  You know, as a kid, that’s kind of important.  Candy and stuff, but it also meant I had to dress up in the morning for church.  Ouch.  Dress shoes.

So the next morning my entire foot is swollen and in pain underneath.  I hobble to church.  My foot is throbbing and I am seriously one unhappy kid.  Somehow, I make it through all that.  And the doctor’s visit the next day, and the surgery on my right foot to have half a gigantic needle removed.  Ouch.  The morale of my story, never go up against King Kong.  He was one bad ape…I should have used a stunt double.

“The ads all call me fearless, but that’s just publicity. Anyone who thinks I’m not scared out of my mind whenever I do one of my stunts is crazier than I am.”  ~Jackie Chan 



3 thoughts on “King Kong vs Me…

  1. I will remember not to mess with King Kong. Too funny but now my foot hurts. Sympathy pain I think. You are a wonderful writer when you can actually make people feel what happened!


  2. That was an Interesting read and re enactment.. I had forgotten about the metal detector. Oh well I have more climbing and chaos to create in my king kongish ways…


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