540 days…

I don’t trust anyone I don’t know who calls me on the phone.  I don’t care who you say you are, that’s nice for you.  I don’t care what my caller ID says, it doesn’t pay the bills.  I wish it hadn’t come to this, but sadly, it did.  Nine years ago, we bought something terrible.  Get ready.  Avert your eyes if this word scares you.  It’s called a timeshare.  For those of you not familiar with this word, it is a piece of property you will never, ever be able to sell.  For those of us dumb enough not to know this definition, we own them.  A company called us a few years back and said they had a buyer for our property.  Since we already own it FOREVER, we thought perhaps this was not a bad idea to take a look at what this company offered.

We had children 18 months apart, and while Viva Las Vegas sounded like a great idea at the time, it was actually not.  What happens in Vegas comes home with you and has a maintenance fee.  We had researched ways to sell this property, and got estimates on the going price of property.  They say when you want it bad, you get it bad.  We did.  This company called us at a time we needed money, and we were willing to pay them up front.  Never, ever, ever do this.  I don’t care what “they” say.  I got the company name, domain name of their website and a tax ID number before I said yes.  I researched their address, and spoke to a manager.  I wrote down the name of everyone I ever talked to with dates.  No one gives a flying fig.  They have vanished.

I am still paying for “selling” my timeshare that I currently own.  Apparently, no one even bothered to tell me when I called on numerous occasions that I had 540 days to dispute this claim.  It all makes sense now why the company kept telling me that the sale had fallen through and to give them 120 more days to find a buyer.  They were holding out for this magic 540 days nonsense.  Of course there is no one there anymore, so now I get the “recovery” phone calls.  People claiming to be able to get my money back.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Call my house ever again, and I hang up you because now I imagine this:

And since this really does happen, make sure you don’t answer your phone for telemarketers.  Maybe ever.

“Advertising is legalized lying.”  ~H.G. Wells


2 thoughts on “540 days…

  1. i’m sorry to hear that…it’s downright unfair and should not be tolerated..scammers nowadays always find a way to sound real, look real…trust, similar to honesty, is like as a song goes, “is such a lonely word..everyone is so untrue..” i just hope that it doesn’t get to a point that nobody trust anybody anymore…


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