Mountain part 2…

When we last left off, we were headed for the hills…err mountains.  We heard that the traffic was going to be  nightmare, so we decided to take the “scenic route”.  Virginians refer to it as the plantation route.  If you have need of a restroom, you might not want to go this way.  I love to take long drives through the beautiful country roads of Virginia and play a game with my girls.  We pick out houses we would want to live in and make up stories about what we would do there.  For example, if I see a particularly great piece of land, I pretend I am starting up a dachshund ranch.  That’s right.  Lots and lots of Mr. Weenies all running around.  There was a commercial once like this and I laughed every time I saw it.

Okay, so I digress.  Escape from hurricane Irene trip was underway, and there were miles to go.  We booked a hotel room that accepted dogs, and by the time we got there, it was late.  It apparently didn’t matter.  There were tons of people out and about walking all kinds of dogs.  My kids loved it.  We finally got settled in the room and Mr. Weenie decided he needed to sleep on the bed with the kids.  Whatever.  I’m so tired at this point I didn’t care.  Frito-bandito (name changed to protect the weenie dog), was already in her crate.  She makes a nest and likes to be alone.  We just settled in when Frito heard a noise she didn’t like and started barking like a mad woman.  I was about to show her a mad woman.  Don’t mess with me when I am tired.  Okay, move the crate near the air conditioner and that way she has white-noise.  Don’t ask, it worked.

The next morning we ate a continental breakfast of cold biscuits, and coffee as thick as tar.  The poor lady making the waffles was having a hard time with the waffle iron and they were coming out like a pile of broken glass.  If I had the energy, I would have helped her because if there is one thing about breakfast that I learned from my daddy, it’s how to make waffles.  I was getting slightly claustrophobic from the amount of folks in the tiny breakfast area.  Apparently, everyone was escaping to “Witch Mountain”.  I couldn’t take it much longer so we ate in a hurry and left for a day with nature.

It was just like this, but check back with me for the next part.  You won’t want to miss that story.

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”  ~H.G. Wells


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