Achilles’ heel…

I happen to love Greek mythology.  It was one of the many courses I took in college.  If you are not familiar with the phrase Achilles’ heel it refers to a weakness or spot of vulnerability.  We all have our own imperfections in life.  I know what mine is…sad to say.  I have been working to overcome it for about two years now.  Most of the time, we wrestle back and forth.  Sometimes it pins me down, and other times, I grin triumphantly as I slam it back down.  What am I talking about?

Worry.  Such a small word to be so overpowering in my life.  Anguish, apprehension, concern, disquiet, call it what you like, but it all boils down to the same thing.  I can’t change the events in my life by worrying about them.  The funny thing is, I come by this naturally.  I have been told on more than one occasion that I am like my father.  My dad will call me a week later about something I don’t even remember mentioning and say it’s “worrying” him.  I mean to get rid of this Achilles’ heel…okay, so I’ll settle for making it smaller.  More like an Achilles’ mole.

So now that I have identified my problem, what am I going to do to solve it?  I mentioned a while back that I was going to hot yoga.  Well, I fell off the wagon so to speak.  I am renewing my membership, and starting back up again.  It really does calm my mind and increase my balance as well as my focus.  I work hard to do what the teacher says, and at the end I feel refreshed (even though it is like 102 degrees and everyone is sweaty).  So I realize that the benefits of this outweigh the price and time it takes me to get there.  If you are reading this right now, I would like you to identify your own Achilles’ heel.  Be honest with yourself, and come up with a plan for how to overcome your weakness.

“As a rule, men worry more about what they can’t see than about what they can.” ~Julius Caesar


4 thoughts on “Achilles’ heel…

  1. So my Achilles heel is how I handle stress; or the fact that little things stress me out to the point that I have more gray hair than I would care to admit. I guess my solution is to figure out a way to “go with the flow” and not let those little things bother me…. and perhaps buy a box of hair dye.


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