Finding your zen…

There are times in your life when you need to just breathe…or scream.  Screaming is not as appropriate at work though, so we need to find other ways to manage our stress.  This is always easier said than done.  We worry, fret, and work ourselves into a tizzy over something that might happen.  We ponder, speculate, and look for hidden meanings in the words of everyone around us.  Life would be much easier if people just said what they meant…well, maybe.  I know I work better that way, but perhaps not everyone does.  In the meantime, we need to work with what we are given.  This applies to all aspects of life, not just work.

My good friend said to me “What other people think of me is none of my business.”  I loved that line and made her repeat it.  I instantly thought of ways to apply that to my life.  The next time someone says something snippy to me, I will breathe in and out and maybe even make the “ohmmm” sound in my mind as they are speaking.  Knowing me, I might even say it out loud until it annoys them.  Zen is the practice of “not doing”.  You are not reacting to things around you when the world might be in chaos.  You need to still the thoughts that are going on in your head and think about the bigger picture.

If it is work related, ask yourself if the other person is under a lot of stress.  If the answer is yes, let it go.  It becomes their problem.  Perhaps your source of trouble is health problems.  Motivate yourself to become the person you want to be.  Do not give in to the “end result”.  I was reading an interview with Michael J. Fox and he described that so perfectly.  He said in acting, there is such a thing as playing the end result, or what the character will come to.  Don’t play the end result now.  That piece of wisdom is very useful.  I have new friends out there who might need to hear this advice.  Remember, don’t play the end result.  Find your zen moment and focus on that.  Meditate, read, do hot yoga, which is in a dark room and they offer it during the evening.  I find that very relaxing.

“Life is short.  Time is fleeting.  Realize the self.  Purity of heart is the gateway to God.  Aspire.  Renounce.  Meditate.  Be good; do good.  Be kind; be compassionate.  Inquire, know Thyself.”

~Swami Sivananda


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