Life is a fantasy…

So I have been thinking about this post for a while, but somehow haven’t gotten around to writing it.  As far back as I can remember, I have loved to read.  Books of every kind are stacked in my room, by the bed, on the nightstand, on my dresser, and on top of the armoire.  Just in case I forget that books are waiting to be read, there are some in the hall as well on a little stand.  When you get downstairs, there are perhaps a few more, and in the area I affectionately call the dungeon of my home, there is a whole wall of books.  My “office” has a bookcase full of children’s literature and of course, my framed map of Mirkwood, should you need to get “there and back again”.  For those of you not familiar with this place, it was the forest dwelling of the wood-elves in Tokien’s stories until well, that’s a long story.  Read about it in The Lord of the Rings if you want to know why it is now called Mirkwood.

I have developed what I will now call BJD ( Book Jumping Disorder).  If you are not accustomed to this, I will now explain.  I start reading a book, and it is really good.  If it is extraordinary, I finish it within a few days.  If it takes me a while to get into and my mind starts to wander, as it often does, I put my bookmark in it and decide to get back to it later.  It’s not that I meant to start cheating on my books this way, it’s just that I can’t seem to fully submerse myself into that world at this present time.  When I read, it’s a completely different place and time for me.  I think that is why my favorite books are fantasy.  I must be focused on everything that is happening at that time.  For example, I finished reading A Discovery of Witches in a few days.  Knowing that it would be a trilogy also helps as I get to revisit that world.  I finished Robert Jordan’s books all in a summer just to catch up to my husband.  I am currently in between two books again because a series is going to come out on television and I don’t want that to spoil my view of the characters, so I must hurry up and read before it comes out.  Yes, I am reading A Game of Thrones.  Shh.  Don’t spoil it!

When I was reading the War of the Spider Queen series, there were some books I liked better than others because 6 different authors wrote about the drow; however, with R. A. Salvatore overseeing the project, I knew they were going to be intriguing.  I must admit I also like seeing the cover art for the books and sometimes it lives up to my expectations of what I think that character would look like.  Every time I crack open a new book and settle down with it, the experience is like talking to a friend.  We have the same things in common and they are always there when I need to unwind from my sources of stress.

To the sober fantasy resides in a world that cannot be reached, but for the insane fantasy is a world that cannot be left. ~Anon.


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